Strength in Numbers

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Ensuring fair pay for great work

When TSOs’ performance exceeds expectations, they deserve compensation that reflects that excellence. Instead, to cut costs this year, TSA administrators changed the rating-based pay system at the last minute to cut out raises or bonuses for many workers who deserved them. We’re fighting back with our union to ensure that TSOs are paid under the General Schedule (GS) pay system.

Protecting Your Jobs

Senator Ron Johnson, the new chairman of the committee that makes decisions about the federal workforce, wants to privatize the 35 largest airports and replace TSOs with low-wage, poorly trained workers hired by private contractors. AFGE members will stand up against the expansion of the Screening Partnership Program—a threat to jobs and public safety

“When TSA wanted to outsource monitoring exit lanes at 155 of our airports, AFGE members and leaders brought the fight to Congress. We won and kept TSA the sole entity responsible for monitoring passenger exits. That means safer travel and more than 1,000 TSO jobs saved.

- Victor Payes, TSA Officer, LAX, Local 1260

Fighting for the Same Standards & Protections as All American Workers

TSA Administrators have used a statutory footnote to deny TSOs the same rights and protections as other federal workers.

Basic things like the right to appeal adverse personnel actions to the Merit Systems Protection Board and protections against labor abuses can be withheld from TSOs because of this loophole in the law. AFGE members are working to change this and bring all TSA employees under the same protections other federal workers enjoy.

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