IMPORTANT: This information should not be downloaded using government equipment, read during duty time or sent to others using government equipment, because it suggests action to be taken in support of or against legislation. Do not use your government email address or government phone in contacting your Member of Congress.

The 2017 Love Letters to EPA Contest is now closed. Thank you for submitting your work.

We are in the process of going through all submissions and will post them on YouTube once they have been approved. If there are any issues with your video, we will be sure to reach out and let you know. Read the contest Q & A for frequently asked questions.

Winners will be announced starting later this month, but if you have any questions, please email

Thank you and be sure to follow AFGE on Twitter at @AFGENational to keep up-to-date with the contest!

Watch the video below for contest details:

Read the Love Letters to the EPA Contest Rules

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Contest Q & A

Q: I submitted my video two weeks ago, why isn't it on YouTube yet?

A: All videos must be reviewed by our General Counsels Office (GCO) before being uploaded to YouTube. If there are any issues that come from GCO, you will be emailed and asked to correct those problems. Additionally, inclusion on YouTube has nothing to do with the judging process. All videos will be posted, and any delay will not impact your winning in any way.

Q: When will we hear if we won?

A: Now that the contest is over, the judges will begin reviewing and voting on all submissions. No winners will be announced until the end of January at the earliest.

Q: I'm worried you never received my submission, is there a way we can check if you did?

A: If you are concerned your submission was not received, please email and we will confirm that it has been uploaded.

For further clarification of these rules, or for any questions, please email

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