Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Issues or Errors on

Q: Where can I report an issue or error on

AClick here to report an issue or error.

Questions about My Local or District Office

Q: How do I find my Local/Contact Information for my Local? 

 Contact Membership & Organization at (202) 639-6410 or email [email protected]

Q: How do I find my District/My National Vice President?

 Check the District map at Contact Us Page

Q: To whom do I send notifications of change in officers for my Local?

 Contact the National Secretary Treasurer's Office ([email protected]

Q: How do I submit AFGE Contracts, Agreements, Leases, etc.?

A: Click here for information on submitting AFGE Contracts, Agreements, and Leases, etc.

Representational Questions

Q: What agencies does AFGE represent?

A: Go to: Agencies 

Q: How do I join AFGE?

A: Go to: Join AFGE

Q: How do I find out if AFGE represents my bargaining unit where I work?

A: Contact the District Office for your state: Contact Us Page

Q: Is there an AFGE representative at my worksite?

 Contact your District Office via the Contact Us Page

Q: My office currently does not have a union. How do I get AFGE representation at my job? A: Contact Membership & Organization at (202) 639-6410 or email [email protected]

Q. Where can I get a copy of my Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

A. If your local is a member of a collective bargaining council, contact the Field Services & Education Dept. at 202-639-6406. If not, contact your Local President or your District NVP

Website/Profile Questions

Q: I’m having trouble logging into the website and/or need to change my password.

A: Contact AFGE IT Help Desk

Q: Who do I contact about building a website for my Local/District Office/Council? (Note: locals cannot obtain emails. We can, however, help them enroll in Office 365 Small Business or Small Business Premium Accounts with a custom domain).

A: Contact Communications

Q: When Officers change at my Local, how do I update Officer Profiles on the website?

 New Officers should always have access to their Local’s website to make changes to Officer Profiles.  If you are having logging problems, contact [email protected] (Please note it can take from 3-7 bus. days for the change to take effect)

Q:  How do I update/remove my email/mailing address/phone number from the contact list?

  Contact [email protected]

Member Benefits Questions

Q. How Do I find out about member benefits?

Go to: Member Benefits Page

Q: Who do I contact regarding scholarship programs?

 Go to: Member Benefits Page or call the Education Department at (202) 639-6406

Q: Who do I contact to set up local business discounts for my employees?

 Contact the Membership & Organization Department at (202) 639-6410 or email [email protected]  

Q: Who do I contact regarding Steward Training?

A: Contact the National Secretary Treasurer’s Office ([email protected]) 

Q: Who do I contact if I have a grievance against officers at my local?

 Contact your District National Vice President- District Map

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem at my worksite?

A: Contact your Local union representative.    

Q: Who do I contact if I have a case against my employer?

 Contact your Local union representative.  

Q: How do I get legal assistance?

 For work related matters, contact your Local; for non-work related or personalmatters, go to Legal Services Program

Can’t find your answer on this page?

Email us at [email protected].

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