Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Issues or Errors on

Q: Where can I report an issue or error on

AClick here to report an issue or error.

Questions about My Local or District Office

Q: How do I find my Local/Contact Information for my Local? 

 Contact Membership & Organization at (202) 639-6410 or email

Q: How do I find my District/My National Vice President?

 Check the District map at Contact Us Page

Q: To whom do I send notifications of change in officers for my Local?

 Contact the National Secretary Treasurer's Office (

Q: How do I submit AFGE Contracts, Agreements, Leases, etc.?

A: Click here for information on submitting AFGE Contracts, Agreements, and Leases, etc.

Representational Questions

Q: What agencies does AFGE represent?

A: Go to: Agencies 

Q: How do I join AFGE?

A: Go to: Join AFGE

Q: How do I find out if AFGE represents my bargaining unit where I work?

A: Contact the District Office for your state: Contact Us Page

Q: Is there an AFGE representative at my worksite?

 Contact your District Office via the Contact Us Page

Q: My office currently does not have a union. How do I get AFGE representation at my job? A: Contact Membership & Organization at (202) 639-6410 or email

Q. Where can I get a copy of my Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

A. If your local is a member of a collective bargaining council, contact the Field Services & Education Dept. at 202-639-6406. If not, contact your Local President or your District NVP

Website/Profile Questions

Q: I’m having trouble logging into the website and/or need to change my password.

A: Contact AFGE IT Help Desk

Q: Who do I contact about building a website for my Local/District Office/Council? (Note: locals cannot obtain emails. We can, however, help them enroll in Office 365 Small Business or Small Business Premium Accounts with a custom domain).

A: Contact Communications

Q: When Officers change at my Local, how do I update Officer Profiles on the website?

 New Officers should always have access to their Local’s website to make changes to Officer Profiles.  If you are having logging problems, contact (Please note it can take from 3-7 bus. days for the change to take effect)

Q:  How do I update/remove my email/mailing address/phone number from the contact list?


Member Benefits Questions

Q. How Do I find out about member benefits?

Go to: Member Benefits Page

Q: Who do I contact regarding scholarship programs?

 Go to: Member Benefits Page or call the Education Department at (202) 639-6406

Q: Who do I contact to set up local business discounts for my employees?

 Contact the Membership & Organization Department at (202) 639-6410 or email  

Q: Who do I contact regarding Steward Training?

A: Contact the National Secretary Treasurer’s Office ( 

Q: Who do I contact if I have a grievance against officers at my local?

 Contact your District National Vice President- District Map

Q: Who do I contact if I have a problem at my worksite?

A: Contact your Local union representative.    

Q: Who do I contact if I have a case against my employer?

 Contact your Local union representative.  

Q: How do I get legal assistance?

 For work related matters, contact your Local; for non-work related or personalmatters, go to Legal Services Program

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