Getting Started | Overview of the AFGE Communications Department

Check Out Our Top 5 Resources to Build Engagement With Union Members!

How to Build an Email Activist List at Your Worksite

Check out this article to refresh your communications outreach efforts and ensure you are building strong email lists at the local level. A critical piece of this effort is making sure you have the personal email addresses of your members. Going beyond using government-issued email addresses ensures that you can contact your members when employer-based channels are unavailable and helping keep our union’s activist strategies and communications away from agencies’ prying eyes.

How to Create a Facebook Group

Watch this video to learn how to create a Facebook group where you can invite members of your local to connect with other members, share workplace actions, and share information about the latest news and events happening in AFGE.

Sample Content Calendar

Use this Excel chart to plan and track the content you are sharing with your audience(s). You can use this template to organize your thoughts on what you want to share with your members each week and what platform you want to use to deliver the message.

Sample Newsletter Template

There are so many ways we can communicate, and often our tried-and-true methods do the trick. Newsletters, whether digital or print, are still an effective way to share information with members and keep them informed about issues that matter most to them.

If you’re struggling on where to start with your newsletter, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Video Recording Tips

Watch this video for a few quick tips on how to record videos on your mobile device. These tips are useful for union activists who are just getting started with creating video message for the union.

AFGE Events

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