How to Improve Member Outreach

Newsletter Tips

Your Local or District newsletter is one of the best ways to reach your members. An effective newsletter helps you meet your goals and be Big Enough to Win! 

Digital Activism Tips 

Digital activism allows you to influence policymakers 365 days a year from the comfort of your own home. Becoming a digital activist is easier than you think.

Storytelling Tips

Engaging stories build connections with your audience. Once your audience is engaged they are more likely to become involved.

Interviewing Tips

Conducting media interviews is one of the best ways to communicate AFGE’s message to your members and the general public.

Email Tips

When writing an email a few things to think about are your goals, story and tone.

Facebook Tips

Facebook allows for online connection through individual pages, public pages and private groups, so figuring out the right strategy can mean using many different tactics.

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