Law Enforcement Officer Equity Act

The Law Enforcement Officers Equity Act would:

  • Provide federal law enforcement officers with 6(c) retirement benefits
  • Provide federal law enforcement officers the ability to retire after 20 years of service at the age of 50, or after 25 years of service at any age.
  • Allow law enforcement officers’ federal service after the enactment of this Act to be considered service performed as a law enforcement officer for retirement purposes.
  • Expand the definition of “law enforcement officer” for retirement benefits to include all GS-0083 officers.
  • Grant law enforcement officer status to employees who are authorized to carry a firearm and whose duties include the investigation and/or apprehension of suspected criminals
  • Give officers who have dangerous jobs and deserve to be recognized as law enforcement officers the retirement benefits they deserve just like others with whom they serve side-by-side. 
  • This bill would apply to our federal law enforcement officer sisters and brothers who serve at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), Bureau of Prisons (BOP), Federal Protective Service, U.S. Mint, and Zoo Police.

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