National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinators (NFPAAC)

The National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinators (NFPAAC) were established by Convention action in 1980. The NFPAAC is charged with mobilizing AFGE members around civil, human and workers’ rights issues in their District, and to work closely with National Women's Advisory Coordinators (NWAC) and the National Vice President for Women and Fair Practices to help raise the profile of civil and human rights and strengthen the workers’ rights agenda in their District. These Coordinators represent members on EEO issues, they monitor trends in EEO laws and regulations, and they may recommend a national action plan for AFGE. They also provide training on EEO issues throughout the District that they represent.

National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinators Contacts

The National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinator will:

  • Submit quarterly status reports on District activities to be reported to the AFGE National Executive Council.
  • Work with Locals in their District's to ensure Local Fair Practices Coordinators are appointed or elected.
  • Serve as the catalyst to disseminate and receive information affecting civil, human, and workers' rights issues throughout the District.
  • Inform the NVP for WFP of local civil, human and worker's rights issues with the potential of having a national impact.
  • Participate in at least 3 leadership-training seminars or other skill building opportunities in the District annually.
  • Coordinate member participation in civil, human and workers' rights activities within the Locals, Districts, and Councils of AFGE.
  • Work with AFL-CIO constituency groups and allied organizations to improve coalition base.
  • Serve as a member of the Human Rights Committee. 

Each District National Fair Practices Affirmative Action Coordinator is elected for a 3 year term at their District Caucus. They are also referred to as District Coordinators.

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