Pride Celebration

Unions Bring Solidarity

It’s hard to feel like you’re all alone — especially when people aren’t treating you well in the workplace. But being part of a union means that you’re part of a family that uplifts, affirms, and protects the workplace rights of all people—including the LGBT community. It means that others have your back. And it means that together, we can make the world a better and more welcoming place for everyone.  

We’re here to celebrate LGBT pride all year around—whether it’s marching in the Pride parade through the streets of D.C., at the bargaining table, or at the steps of the Supreme Court.

Unions Fight for Your Rights

Unions have been some of the earliest and strongest supporters of LGBT equality. At AFGE, our advocacy for workplace rights runs deep. Our members are dedicated to creating a government workplace that reflects our country's founding values of equality and fairness.

Brave and bold leaders like Virginia Hemingway have pushed the union to be more inclusive. Carolyn Federoff has been on the forefront of landmark protections for LGBT employees. Francis Nichols has become a fierce advocate for young workers. And Tamara Lusardi fought back against workplace discrimination, standing up for transgender rights in a landmark legal case. Through our members and our mission, we continue to build solidarity with pride together.

3 Things You Can Do

1. Share this video on social media


2. Make sure your job has inclusive workplace policies for everyone

Here’s our Federal Employees Transgender Model Policy to help get you started! It’s just one of the resources we have to make sure that everyone has a safe, welcoming place to work.

3. Join a union

Taking Part in AFGE PRIDE doesn't have to stop after the parade and festival are over: Join AFGE todayAs a part of your AFGE membership, federal and D.C. government employees can take part in the special AFGE Pride Program.

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