Medical Assistants Recognition Week

October 23, 2014

This week AFGE celebrates Medical Assistants Recognition Week, honoring the thousands of federal and D.C. government employees who provide important duties critical to the delivery of medical services in health care facilities operated by government agencies.

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Categories: DoD, HHS, VA, BOP

AFGE Sues to Halt USDA Implementation of Dirty Chicken Rule

October 21, 2014

AFGE is suing the U.S. Department of Agriculture to block implementation of a new poultry inspection system that will impede federal inspection of chicken and turkey carcasses, potentially resulting in diseased or tainted poultry being sold to consumers.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 20, 2014

The month of October is recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Women’s and Fair Practices Departments salutes those that have survived breast cancer, applauds those that are currently battling this disease and supports the loved ones of those that are suffering. It is our goal to encourage all AFGE members and their families to get screened for breast cancer regularly.

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Categories: Workers' Rights

Get the Facts: Ebola

October 17, 2014

At a time when Ebola is all over the news and it's easy for misinformation to get interpreted as truth, make sure you have the clear-cut facts.

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VA Membership Drive Recruits More Than 8,000 New Members

October 17, 2014

AFGE and its National VA Council ran a successful VA membership recruitment campaign that signed up 8,073 new members from June 1 to Sept. 30. VA employees make up the largest portion of AFGE’s membership, standing at 101, 071 strong. The NVAC hit a major milestone this summer when it recruited its 100,000th dues paying member.

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Categories: VA, Big Enough to Win

Budget Cuts Slow Ebola Research

October 16, 2014

Starving agencies of their needed funds could have deadly consequences when it comes to agencies responsible for preventing and fighting infectious diseases such as Ebola. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has been working on Ebola vaccine for a decade, but research stalled as Congress keeps taking away its funding – $5 billion over 10 years, adjusted for inflation.

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Categories: DHS, Senate, Congress

Minimizing Risk of Ebola Exposure for Employees at Points of Entry

October 10, 2014

In response to the recent Ebola crisis and the heightened risk for Transportation Security Officers, Border Patrol agents and other federal employees, AFGE is urging the government to take all necessary measures to protect the public and government employees stationed at the U.S. ports of entry and other sites from potential exposure to the Ebola virus.

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