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AFGE Member Honored As Hometown Hero

Andrew Scherzinger, decorated veteran and president of AFGE VA Local 1862, is recognized by his community as a hometown hero. [more] 4-18-2014

Meet Jill Carver: A Bureau of Prisons teacher and proud AFGE member

A day on the job for Carver means entering a medium-security federal prison, where she works one-on-one with more than a hundred inmates – trying to teach them life skills they can use when they are released. [more] 4-16-2014

7 Ways the Van Hollen Budget Supports Government and Its Workforce

House lawmakers led by Chris Van Hollen released their own budget proposal that offers stark differences from the plan proposed by Paul Ryan. [more] 4-10-2014

Former AFGE National Vice President for District 8 Has Passed Away

Virgil Miller passed away on April 8. He was highly regarded and had won respect by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. [more] 4-9-2014

Invisible Social Security Cuts: Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

It’s also getting a lot harder to find Social Security field offices, or to find someone to pick up the phone, as the Social Security Administration enters into yet more rounds of steep budget cuts. [more] 4-9-2014

Hire Government Employees to Close Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap is 11 cents in the federal government which sets pay on the job being performed, while in the private sector, pay systems are more subjective. [more] 4-8-2014

Closing the Gap: Fighting for Equal Pay

AFGE is ‘Rockin’ the Red’ on Equal Pay Day to highlight the work still needed to close the pay gap. [more] 4-7-2014

10 Things You Need to Know about Paul Ryan’s 2015 Budget

Here are 10 things you need to know about his path to poverty proposal. [more] 4-3-2014

Women's History Month - Women's History Month (3/3)

As we bring Women's History Month to a close, the Women's and Fair Practices Departments would like to thank you for allowing us to shed light on nine amazing women who have accomplished great things and made the world we live in a better place. [more] 3-28-2014

AFGE Celebrates National Doctors’ Day

AFGE proudly celebrates the talent, dedication and service of medical professionals in government service. [more] 3-28-2014

AFGE’s YOUNG Program Debuts Training Course at St. Louis Area Council Training

AFGE’s Women’s and Fair Practices Departments debut a new training course geared toward engaging and educating young union activists at the AFGE St. Louis Area Council Training. [more] 3-28-2014

Bill Introduced to Give Feds 3.3% Raise in 2015

Reps. Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran of Virginia today introduced an AFGE-backed bill that would give federal employees a 3.3% raise in 2015. [more] 3-26-2014

Meet Victor Payes: A TSO and proud AFGE member

Chapter 1 of 'I Am AFGE' features a Transportation Security Officer with an amazing story to tell. [more] 3-26-2014

68 House Lawmakers Pressure USDA to Halt Filthy Chicken Rule

A bi-partisan group of 68 House lawmakers yesterday sent an AFGE-backed letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. [more] 3-21-2014

Women's History Month - Women's History Month (2/3)

As the Women's and Fair Practices Depatments continue to celebrate Women's History Month. [more] 3-21-2014

I Am AFGE: The Campaign that Makes YOU the Star!

AFGE’s Communications Department is kicking off a year-long campaign to increase the public’s awareness and appreciation of federal employees like you. We want to educate Americans on more than just the services federal employees provide, but the decent, hardworking people who provide them each and every day. [more] 3-19-2014

AFGE Achieves Important Wins in Historic Interest Arbitration at TSA

AFGE achieved important wins in a historic interest arbitration case on March 17, 2014, when the panel of neutrals, or arbitrators, issued its decision regarding provisions of the contract that the parties were unable to agree upon during the negotiations. [more] 3-17-2014

The Key to Morale

Council of Prison Locals President Eric Young spoke to his issues regarding moving up with the Bureau of Prisons and the retaliation he faced. [more] 3-14-2014

The Better Off Budget

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is pushing the 'Better Off Budget' which includes the 4 percent pay raise proposed by AFGE, promotes economic fairness, ends austerity measures and boosts the economy. [more] 3-14-2014

Women's History Month - Women's History Month (1/3)

Each week during the month of March, the AFGE's Women's and Fair Practices Departments will shine the spotlight on a few amazing women who have made their mark on society. [more] 3-12-2014

12 Facts about Federal Workers

The White House on Monday issued more details of its 2015 budget proposal that includes an overview of the federal workforce. [more] 3-12-2014

AFGE Develops Guidance for Locals on a Transgender Inclusive Workplace

AFGE has developed a Transgender Inclusive Workplace Model Policy that locals can use to ensure that their worksite is inclusive and safe for transgender employees. [more] 3-10-2014

Diversity Week 2014

Register now to join AFGE in Minneapolis for a week of exciting training, networking and activism. [more] 3-7-2014

NP Cox Visits Louisiana Prison, Shines Spotlight on Understaffing, Overcrowding

As he toured a federal prison in Louisiana on Monday, AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. called on Congress to start addressing prison overcrowding and understaffing instead of just talking about them. [more] 2-25-2014

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Date Article Title Publication
March 4, 2014 Largest federal union applauds Obama budget for rejecting failed austerity policies Feature Article
February 28, 2014 EPA Feels Sequester Squeeze Feature Article
February 25, 2014 NP Cox Visits Louisiana Prison, Shines Spotlight on Understaffing, Overcrowding Feature Article
February 24, 2014 Obama to Give Feds 1% Raise in 2015 Feature Article
February 21, 2014 Poll: Voters in Battleground States Want a Wage Hike Feature Article
February 21, 2014 AFGE National President Calls on Congress to Repeal Pension Cuts Feature Article
February 21, 2014 Obama Reportedly Drops Chained CPI from 2015 Budget Feature Article
February 21, 2014 Obama Reportedly Drops Chained CPI from 2015 Budget Feature Article
February 21, 2014 Week in Review, Feb. 21, 2014 Week in Review
February 21, 2014 NST Financial Officers Training with Breakouts Feature Article
February 21, 2014 AFGE President Cox Reelected Chair of AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council Feature Article
February 21, 2014 Meet America's Highest Paid 'Government Workers' Feature Article

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