AFGE is home to a wide variety of constituency groups for members from all walks of life. Visit the links below to find out how you can get involved!

AFGE Retirees

You have spent your career serving the American people and we hope that you will join us to continue to be an active part of our union in your retirement. Your experience and commitment can help us strengthen our union and better our government. 

Click here to learn more about the benefits of being an AFGE Retiree Member.

AFGE Veterans

The goal of the AFGE/AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council (UVC) is to inform, organize and mobilize union veterans – from AFGE and other unions – to advocate for good jobs, pay and pensions for all veterans as well as a fully funded, affordable and effective veterans’ health care system.

Click here to learn more about AFGE Veterans.

Stewards Program

Stewards are a vital link between the union and its members. It is the Stewards job to you to explain to members what AFGE is, what we stand for, how we operate, our goals, programs, and successes. Stewards are the ones who listen to members to find out what they feel and want, and then carry this information back to the union’s leadership for action. Contact your Local's President for more information.  

Click here to learn more about becoming a steward.


The Young Organizing Unionists for the Next Generation seeks to mobilize young union members to become leaders for social change within AFGE and the Labor Movement. Members under 40 and mentors over 40 work together to include young workers in the union structure and keep them engaged in working class issues. 

Click here to get involved with the AFGE Y.O.U.N.G.

Legislative Political Coordinator

LPCs are members who work extensively to build relationships with their Members of Congress and their staff. That way when we face a piece of legislation that could seriously hurt our members, we can activate LPCs to talk to and use the capital they have built with the office to protect our brothers and sisters. 

Click here to find your District's Legislative Political Organizer.

Pride Program

AFGE Pride is a national program designed to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) membership as well as their allies and to educate all of AFGE on the workplace and safety issues facing this community within AFGE and the Labor Movement.

Click here to get involved with the Pride program.


HISCO (Hispanic Coalition) 

HISCO supports professional advancement, leadership development and educational opportunities for AFGE members of Hispanic origin and the expansion of AFGE’s political and legislative influence. HISCO advocates for equal rights and fair treatment of all workers, within and outside the federal and D.C. governments.   

Click here to find out more about HISCO.

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