Communications Resources

Sample Content Calendar

Use this Excel chart to plan and track the content you are sharing with your audience(s). You can use this template to organize your thoughts on what you want to share with your members each week and what platform you want to use to deliver the message.

This kind of basic chart is useful in tracking how successful your content is on various platforms. The fields in this workbook allow space to write out the topic, intended audience, the general description of what you’re creating content around, where you’ll post the content, when you will post it, if you’ve received any needed internal approvals and the performance results of that content. You will also find a spreadsheet tab for each month at the bottom of the template.

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Sample Newsletter Template

If you’re using Microsoft Word to create your newsletter try out our latest template. 

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With so many sources of information on the Internet that people can go to these days, it’s hard to grab the attention of online readers and keep them interested. But don’t throw your hands in the air just yet. There are a number of things you can do to make your content stand out and increase your readership. To help you leverage your website, blog, or digital newsletter, click here for 9 easy steps you can take

Many of us rely on our mobile devices to capture photos at events, meetings and special occasions. Check out these tips on how to maximize your mobile photography efforts.

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Surveying members and potential members can be a useful tool in determining how to best reach and engage these audiences. Consider these tips when looking for ways to collect email addresses and conduct surveys.

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Determining the status of your current communications efforts is key when looking to expand capabilities. Use this worksheet to help evaluate where you are now and if you’re meeting current communications goals.

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Use this document to guide the creation of your communications activities. The document helps you identify your audience, strategic goals and objectives and steps to creating a full-fledged plan of action. 

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AFGE Words that Work

Use this guide to enhance the content you are creating for your membership. Download the document here. 

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Tips to Improve Member Outreach

These helpful tip cards can be used to develop your strategies with social media, email newsletters, and more.

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